1. Introduction – Understanding trends is key

In the world of beauty trends, a lot is happening all the time and it’s sometimes hard to differentiate between the real innovations and those that are, let’s say, not exactly built to last.

For example, sometimes a new ingredient is hyped intensely and looks really promising until it suddenly doesn’t anymore (remember the CBD craze?).

But then occasionally, a beauty trend gains momentum and evolves into a lucrative opportunity for businesses, transforming from a passing fad into something long lasting and successful that’s actually worth investing in. 

Being able to separate the two from each other and knowing which to act on has a huge impact on your business. So keeping an eye on trends is key for any organization.

At Mind The Beauty we stay on top of the latest trends by actively engaging with industry publications, attending a variety of trade shows, fostering collaborations with trend-setting influencers and experts, conducting market research and maintaining open communication channels with our clients and suppliers. It also helps that our Chairman Michael Schummert is a real trend hunter with a golden touch.

Something that has come up more and more lately is the term „Neuroglow“ and we have reason to believe this is not just another flash in the pan. In this blog we will explore this new trend’s potential but let’s start at the beginning: What does Neuroglow actually mean?

2. What is Neuroglow?

Put simply, you could say that it’s a mindset, rather than a single finished product. Described by Mintel as a blend of holistic wellness, Neuroglow embodies a philosophy where inner harmony and outer radiance go hand in hand:

“The next chapter of wellness will be mind-body beauty, where mental wellbeing and physical appearance are interconnected. […] Practices like psychodermatology and neurocosmetics will gain traction with consumers around the world,” they wrote in a trend report from 2024. 

So Neuroglow stands out as a symbol of transformation, inviting us to explore the deep connection between our minds and bodies. 

Unlike more traditional skincare methods, Neuroglow goes beyond surface fixes, delving into the deep relationship between mental well-being and external beauty.

With roots in both ancient wisdom and modern science, expressions like “the skin is the mirror of the soul” take on new meaning, highlighting the profound impact of psychological well-being on skin health

Neuroglow is supported by scientific research. Recent studies have shown correlations between stress reduction techniques like meditation and improvements in skin conditions, providing evidence for the validity of practices embedded within the Neuroglow philosophy.

This all sounds quite exciting, doesn’t it?. The question remains though, how this new trend actually translates into the real beauty world. How can it be made tangible? In order to do so we decided to make up a beauty brand for this blog. Sounds crazy? Let’s have a look.

3. Lumina-Zen Beauty – an imaginary brand doing all the right things

By incorporating Neuroglow principles into their portfolio and messaging, beauty brands can align themselves with consumers seeking more profound beauty solutions that go beyond the surface.

Here’s how our made up brand LuminaZen Beauty is going about it:

LuminaZen Beauty is dedicated to holistic wellness, mindfulness, scientific research and sustainability. They believe in the transformative power of self-care and the intimate connection between inner harmony and outer radiance. By integrating the Neuroglow trend into their product line and messaging, LuminaZen Beauty offers a unique approach to skincare that nourishes both the skin and the soul.

Their commitment to community engagement and eco-friendly practices distinguishes them as a brand that inspires individuals to embrace their natural beauty and glow from within.

The founders of LuminaZen, Maya and Alex, embarked on their journey inspired by personal experiences of burnout and the transformative power of mindfulness. After navigating high-stress careers (Alex in a consulting firm as a psychologist and Maya as a business development manager) in the corporate world, they realized the profound impact of self-care practices on their overall well-being.

They are highly motivated by their own journeys towards balance and inner peace. Maya and Alex are open to talk about their experiences hoping for others to get inspired by their honest & personal insights. Both are very keen on the latest scientific research in skincare and mental health and are quick to clarify that LuminaZen isn’t another „hippie-dippie“ beauty brand. 

This is how LuminaZen Beauty is leveraging the Neuroglow principles into their business operations:

Product Development: LuminaZen Beauty is currently developing a line of skincare products infused with adaptogens and other mood-boosting botanicals. Adaptogens are a specific category of herbs that are believed to help the body adapt to stress and promote overall balance. 

One of their signature product is the Neuroglow Facial Serum enriched with adaptogenic herbs like Ashwagandha and Rhodiola, designed to reduce stress and enhance skin radiance. 

For the next year they are also planning a lifestyle product range including eco soy wax candles and a pillow mist with wild indigo which has been used in herbal medicine for various purposes, such as supporting the immune system and promoting respiratory health. 

In the future they are not at all opposed to exploring ingestible beauty supplements if they feel that would round up their portfolio.

Messaging and Branding: LuminaZen Beauty’s messaging and branding emphasizes the holistic approach to skincare and the connection between inner balance and outer glow. They are using taglines like “Illuminate Your Inner Zen” or “Radiate Beauty from Within” to convey their brand ethos, underlining their commitment to integrating inner well-being with outer radiance.

Visual elements such as calming colors and natural imagery reinforce the brand’s dedication to holistic wellness, fostering a sense of tranquility and authenticity in their communication.

Education and Awareness: LuminaZen Beauty has recently launched a blog and a video series that explores the science behind Neuroglow and offers tips for incorporating mindfulness practices into daily skincare routines. Alex and Maya are hosting workshops & webinars featuring experts in psychology and skincare to educate consumers on the benefits of holistic beauty. One of their most popular workshops is called „Beauty Sleep: The science behind healthy skin“. The scientific backbone is vital to them, as they highlight evidence-based practices and the intersection between scientific research and holistic wellness.

Community Building: From the very beginning LuminaZen Beauty has fostered a sense of community among customers by creating online forums and social media groups where individuals can share their experiences with skincare, exchange tips, and support each other on their wellness journeys. Regularly engaging with customers through social media posts, polls, and Q&A sessions is also strengthening the brand-consumer relationship.

Collaborations and Partnerships: LuminaZen Beauty is collaborating with wellness influencers, yoga studios and meditation centers to co-create content. They host events that promote the integration of mindfulness practices and skincare rituals.

They are also partnering with mental health organizations and charities to raise awareness about the importance of mental well-being and de-stigmatize discussions around mental health.

The goal for 2024 is to start a collaboration with a wearable brand like OURA which is providing a comprehensive health tracker. 


There are of course a lot more practices LuminaZen can take on but this is meant to be an example and we assume you get the idea. By implementing our illustrated strategies, LuminaZen Beauty can effectively integrate the Neuroglow philosophy into their brand identity and offerings, resonating with consumers who prioritize the combination holistic wellness, inner beauty and scientific research. 

4. Neuroglow – A philosophy that is likely to turn into a movement?

As seen above, understanding this trend provides beauty brands and private labels with a unique opportunity to benefit from the growing demand for holistic wellness in skincare routines. 

But how do we know wether Neuroglow is something that we will still be talking about in 3 years from know?

Long-term consumer behavior shifts

As we think about where Neuroglow is headed, it’s worth considering how our habits as consumers have changed over time.

In recent years, people have been more interested in taking care of themselves in a holistic way. They’re looking for products and practices that don’t just help their bodies but also their minds. This shift has been going on for a while, and the COVID-pandemic has made it even more apparent. With all the stress and uncertainty, people are turning to things that help them feel better emotionally and physically.

Scientific Backing

Plus, there’s a lot of research (e.g. Stress and Skin: An Overview of Mind Body Therapies as a Treatment Strategy from 2021) in Dermatology backing up the idea that our mental well-being affects our skin and overall health. So, when we talk about Neuroglow, we’re not just talking about a passing trend—we’re talking about a whole new way of thinking about beauty and wellness that’s likely to stick around for a while.

5. The potential for your brand

In today’s beauty landscape, the Neuroglow trend offers an exciting avenue for brands to connect with consumers seeking holistic well-being. By embracing Neuroglow principles in their products and messaging, beauty brands can cultivate authenticity and resonate with their audience on a deeper level.

However, we believe it’s important to approach Neuroglow with sincerity and integrity. It should not be exploited as an opportunity for greenwashing or become just another marketing gimmick. Oversaturation and dilution of its core principles could damage the perception. Instead, brands can use this chance to authentically integrate Neuroglow into their ethos, ideally led by individuals genuinely committed to the lifestyle and philosophy – like Alex and Maya;). By staying true to the essence of Neuroglow, beauty brands can build trust and forge meaningful connections with consumers, fostering long-term loyalty and brand affinity.

You want to continue the conversation? Let’s get in contact. We are looking forward talking to you!