How to create your
MAKE-UP brand

The possibilities are endless with private label make-up. From mascaras to lip gloss, we can help select the color and consistency your brand has searched for. We work with you as a team to achieve your goals while paying attention to ingredients, packaging, design and production.

How it works

We will step by step help you create your own cosmetic brand. These are the steps you are looking for:

  • Choose Make-up formula and colors
  • Test products
  • Pick cosmetics packaging
  • Design Creation
  • Production
  • Delivery

How we can support

We can support creating a make-up line for you, from initial concept to the final product, delivering your expectations. We consult for each creative phase and advise you on the journey to reach your goals in the most suitable market.


Foundation - Lipstick - Nail Polish
Eye shadow - Mascara - Lip Plumper - Etc.


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