As the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Mind The Beauty, her expertise and dedication have been pivotal in shaping the company’s success. Her energy is undeniable.

With a multifaceted background deeply rooted in the world of beauty and a proven track record in leadership, she brings a wealth of experience to her role. Now, let’s delve into how her diverse experiences (being a sportswoman is one of them) and previous roles paved the way for her entrepreneurial journey.


Giulia, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions!

Prior to founding Mind The Beauty, what aspects of your background or previous roles prepared you for the challenges of entrepreneurship

I have grown up in a family of entrepreneurs, so business was a daily topic at home since I was a child.

I guess another contributing aspect is the fact that I have worked for both big and small organisations prior to founding Mind The Beauty with Shirin and Sabrina.

I have grown up in a family of entrepreneurs, so business was a daily topic

This opportunity allowed me to learn about different mechanisms, like processes or human interactions, in two different worlds. The knowledge gained is really helpful in my daily job, where I engage with a wide range of stakeholders, from large corporations to small startups.


Could you share a bit about your role as the COO and Co-Founder? How do you balance being hands-on in operations while also leading the company? 

Multitasking is definitely one of the words that describes my working style best. One of the most fascinating aspects of my job is that there is not a single day like the other. Things move very fast and I am constantly involved in new projects and challenges. I find it invigorating. It gives me the energy to do a lot at the time and work more efficient. 

Things move very fast – I find it invigorating

However I am also a people person. I enjoy connecting with the people I work with – my partners, colleagues and our clients who really are part of the team once we start the process. I firmly believe that fostering strong connections leads to improved outcomes. All three founders make it a point to engage with various team members daily, understanding that these interactions are instrumental in achieving exceptional results. 


Being pregnant while founding a company is commendable. How did this experience influence your approach to leadership and management within the organization?

When I was a teenager I played basketball every single day of my life. I was traveling a lot for matches and trainings, while also going to school of course. This experience shaped me a lot and gave me a strong sense of discipline and time management capabilities.

I would say that having a newborn baby and a newborn company at the same time simply required me to put into practice the exact same skills I had to develop during my career as a sportswoman: Focusing on what is really relevant and making the most of every minute of my time.

Playing basketball gave me a strong sense of discipline and time management capabilities

Also since welcoming our son, my perspective on problems has undergone a big shift. The challenges that once seemed tragic have taken on a different light, with a newfound sense of resilience and perspective, recognizing that many issues are not as terrible as they once appeared prior to having my child. I think that is something a lot of first time parents experience.


As you described managing operations involves juggling various aspects. There are often several complex challenges to be dealt with on a moment by moment basis. How do you keep your head above water in times like these? 

A big part of the nature of our business is problem solving. There are always challenges and we have learned to anticipate possible issues very well. If I may say the whole team has become so good at it. Still the impossible can always happen and it does!

The nature of our business is problem solving

I have seen many complicated situations happening during production but what I learned is that keeping calm and handle the problem in a structured way is the way forward. 

There have been many critical situations in the last years and I can tell you all of them have been solved in the end. The secret is not to panic. Everything will work out eventually. I guess being a quite optimistic person helps too. 

In your opinion, what sets Mind The Beauty apart from others in the market?

What makes Mind The Beauty stand out is our special blend of experience, personalities, and passions. We’re not just a team; we’re like a family, deeply connected to each other and our wonderful clients.

There’s this amazing sense of togetherness where everyone feels like they belong, both our team and the clients—we’re all in this journey together.

We are determined to create something truly exceptional

The connection between our Co-Founders is like family too, steering us with this strong sense of togetherness and a common goal. We’re all about staying motivated and we’re determined to set new standards and create something truly exceptional.

With three years of establishment, what milestones or achievements are you particularly proud of?

You know, looking back at our three years, there are a few things that truly fill me with pride. Firstly, seeing the products we’ve crafted for our clients thrive in the market—there’s this immense joy when their success becomes tangible. When clients excitedly share their product’s triumphs with us, that feeling of pride is just compelling.

It’s amazing to think that from a mere idea at the beginning of the process, together we’ve transformed it into a complete product with its own story, stunning packaging, and a unique place in the world. Witnessing this evolution, from inception to a full-fledged creation, is truly fulfilling.

When clients excitedly share their product’s triumphs with us, that feeling of pride is just compelling

Lastly, none of this would be possible without the unwavering support of our team and our families—the husbands, wives, partners, kids and friends. Their encouragement and backing have been invaluable in achieving these milestones.


How do you ensure that the values and vision of the brands you are working with are reflected consistently in both the products and the overall customer experience? 

For me it’s key to deeply understand the brand’s vision including the thought’s of the people behind the brand. 

I am lucky to be working with so many different clients from all over the world. These people are a constant source of personal development for myself.

Our clients are a constant source of personal development for myself

Engaging with them daily, learning their stories, and understanding their perspectives is something I cherish. The challenge lies in infusing their values and wisdom into tangible products—the quest for the ideal ingredients, packaging, designs, and intricate details. Every product we create is the cosmetic representation of our client’s personality and I find immense joy in this creative process.


If you could collaborate with any celebrity or influencer to create a signature product or line, who would it be, and what kind of product would you love to create together?

A very good question. I would love to develop a cosmetic line for an athlete.

So athletes out there please reach out! Let’s bring really good cosmetics to the next olympic games. 


Outside of work, what are your go-to hobbies or activities that help you unwind and rejuvenate?

When I’m not caught up in all the buzz of work, you might just spot me wandering around the stunning Swiss landscape soaking in the beauty of nature with my family and our beloved dog, Gino.

And whenever I get the chance, I jump at the opportunity to head back to Italy—my home sweet home! I can’t resist the pull of its vibrant culture, and mouthwatering food:)


What’s your favorite self-care ritual or beauty hack that you swear by, especially during busy times?

My go-to self-care ritual involves a perfect combination: A luxurious creamy sulfate-free conditioning cleanser for that nourishing cleanse, coupled with a reliable discipline cream that’s my secret weapon against frizzy curls. 

Oh, and let’s not forget a long-lasting eyeliner—I never leave home without it.