The founders of Mind the Beauty are particularly elated about this appointment, and the team expressed it’s enthusiasm, saying, “We couldn’t be happier to welcome Michael to our family. His unparalleled expertise, coupled with his genuine passion for the beauty industry, makes him the perfect match for our company. We are confident that with his influence, Mind the Beauty will not only flourish but will continue to redefine beauty standards.“

Mind the Beauty will not only flourish but will continue to redefine beauty standards

Michael brings with him a proven track record of success and a reputation for being not only an industry expert but also a compassionate and forward-thinking leader. Today, we have the privilege of delving into his vision for Mind the Beauty, his insights into the beauty landscape, and his strategies for ensuring the company’s continued growth and innovation.


Since a few weeks you are Chairman and Managing Partner at Mind the Beauty. Congratulations! Can you tell us how you and the three founders Shirin, Giulia and Sabrina met and what it was that inspired you to join Mind the Beauty?

Thank you very much!

Mind the Beauty was recommended to me two years ago for a new brand project with a large beauty assortment I was working on. Since then me and the team around Shirin, Sabrina and Giulia spent plenty of time on this project and other jobs. So far any of our collaborations turned out to be mutually effective and flexible with highly satisfied customers. Right off the bat the chemistry was amazing. 

We are a very complementary, experienced and international team.

The main office is in Zurich but we are well connected with Berlin, Dubai and Belgrade on a lean and remote basis.


You are extremely experienced and have seen a lot during your years in the business. Could you tell us a bit about your background and how you decided to become a leader in the ever evolving beauty industry?

My initial background was in corporate beauty with L’Oréal and Estée Lauder.

I had the most beautiful and successful journey of my career during my 15 years as global CEO of the Babor Beauty Group. During this period, I spearheaded the establishment of a premium private label business unit, fostering a deep understanding and appreciation for various beauty startups and doctor brands. This really was the inspiration to become a beauty entrepreneur and be engaged in different assignment’s and new brand project’s.


What aspects of your job do you find most exciting?

I feel grateful and privileged to merge a sustainably growing, beautiful and innovative industry with a lifestyle that resonates with my personal preferences. That feels authentic to me.

I absorb different new aspects and turn them into ideas and concepts for new products and business models

As I travel various destinations and contribute to global trends, I absorb different new aspects and turn them into ideas and concepts for new products and business models. The industry is broad and constantly evolving from R&D breakthroughs to new ways of experiencing and marketing products.


… and what is your Kryptonite? (Something you really don’t like about your job e.g. accounting)

Anything around admin, accounting and tech are certainly not my favorite disciplines. I have learned to embrace talents who handle this effectively for me. 


What initiatives or projects are you particularly excited about and looking forward to implementing within MTB in the coming months?

International projects are most exciting to me, ideally including some advisory and networking in branding and distribution.

It’s all about holistic product and branding solutions

We are also looking into customized, digital and AI driven solutions. These day’s innovation goes further than a new formulation or complex. It’s all about holistic product and branding solutions, and it will be my pleasure to bring on my know-how and network.


What’s your favorite aspect of being a part of a female-led company?

I feel privileged to be the quota man 🙂

In fact I always enjoyed working with female leaders and business partners.

As for our team at Mind the Beauty I feel that diversity is manifesting in various ways, beyond just gender. 


You do a lot of consulting and are part of several boards. How do you stay up-to-date with the latest beauty trends and innovations? Do you have any favorite beauty blogs, websites, newsletter or resources that you recommend?

I am a curious person and a life-long learner. Discovering fresh perspectives and skillfully applying them on an individual basis is what makes engaging in multiple assignments so appealing to me.

I am a curious person and a life-long learner

I read international beauty newsletters on a daily basis like CEW, Beauty Matter and WWD. And I love listening to podcasts while traveling, often related to healthcare and longevity.


Are there any role models or individuals who have had a significant influence on your career or leadership style?

Not in particular in the beauty industry. I admire any entrepreneur with groundbreaking and disruptive ideas from a start-up level to big corporations in industries I can easily relate to like retail or fashion.


What do you do when you are finished with a long work day and want to relax?

Three easy steps work perfectly for me: Exercise – sauna – netflix.

In fact I am a wellness addict all my life. Wherever I have been in the world I try to experience local spa culture. Recently, cryo therapy is my favorite energy booster.


Last but not least – we are too curious not to ask: What’s a beauty or skincare product that you personally can’t live without, and why?;)

I don’t have a fixed protocol throughout the year. But I am a heavy user and curious tester of cosmeceuticals and Doctorbrands.

Vitamin C and retinol formulations are my to-go-to products

Changing products and regimes once in a while is working best for me. Usually, I use cleanser – serum – cream combinations including specific probiotic, vitamin C and retinol formulations.

I am also conscious of healthy nutrition and the interaction of gut, skin and brain.

Beauty is happening inside AND out, so supplements have become a daily routine for me.