In September 2021 Mind the Beauty was born. It didn’t happen overnight but almost. The three female founders, Shirin Navab (CEO), Giulia Sganga (COO) and Sabrina Santangelo (CPO) knew that they were a powerful team as they had been working together prior to founding their venture

Strong female founders

Since then a lot has happened. Shirin who has worked in the beauty industry for almost 25 years all over the world states „the last two years were a bit of a rollercoaster ride. We have done things in weeks other founders had years for. Everything went very fast. We have completed more than 25 projects with clients while hiring a whole team, searching and finding office space and setting up our own branding & company values. I didn’t even have time to tell all of my friends what was going on. Those who knew were wondering why we didn’t have a launch party and never posted anything on social media. We simply had no time! Giulia was pregnant when we registered Mind the Beauty. Her cute little boy is 10 months old now. I haven’t had a lot of family time with my husband and our 4 year old daughter either but it was worth it.

We are now feeling very strong and empowered as a team. I look at the team, our clients and our partnering laboratories and I am immensely proud of all the things we have achieved over the last 24 months“.

Giulia, a FMCG specialist who holds a business degree from Bocconi University in Milan and has been working as a manager since 2012 agrees: „Our team is the perfect combination of experience, characters, energy and determination. We are a very well-coordinated group of people and we know exactly who is doing what in the most efficient way. We really do understand each other's expertise“.

Sabrina has been successfully developing private labels for 20 years. She was at the forefront of private label development for almost all the big German drugstore markets. She didn’t hesitate for a minute when the women decided to join forces. With her extensive knowledge of project management from concept idea to finished product she is complementing the founder team perfectly. “We are three completely different women, with different backgrounds, a different approach to things, different experiences and different characters. And exactly this is the reason why we knew MTB would be a success eventually. We complete each other in everything we do. It makes us very unique.”

The mission, values and what we do

Together they support spas, hotels, online distribution brands, indie brands, established brands and individuals such as celebrities and influencers by developing and producing their ultimate customized private label beauty brand - Made in Switzerland.

From the very idea to the finished product and everything in between (branding & design, creation of formulas, production, regulatory affairs, packaging & logistics etc.) Mind the Beauty is guiding clients along the way. 

„For us the big focus is really understanding the clients ideas, visions and goals. We listen, we consult, we observe and we know exactly what is possible and what isn’t. Building a brand also means trusting each other. We will not collaborate with clients we don’t believe we can work well with. And so far we have been lucky to be working with extraordinary people only“ Shirin says. 

Not everything is always perfect

The three founders are constantly on the lookout for new trends to anticipate consumer needs. With their in-house design studio, branding and design is done by experienced beauty industry professionals.

It all sounds almost too perfect for a company of only 2 years. But Giulia ensures that just like in real life, nothing is always perfect: „Things not always go to plan. We have to be flexible. But hey, we founded a company with 5 people during the midst of a global pandemic. We know how to deal with a challenge or two. And this is also the fun of this job. It is never boring. Every project is different, every client is different and all of them bring us new energy and inspiration.“

We are looking for talents - Get in contact

Currently Mind the Beauty is expanding. They are looking for talents who are passionate about project management. Sounds interesting? Get in contact with Shirin via LinkedIn.